Designed by Jaguar with the sole mission of winning the Le Mans 24-Hours race, which it did twice (in 1951 and 1953), the C-Type has become one of the most legendary and valuable of the famed Coventry marque’s models, highly-prized originals now fetching £7million+! With genuine C-Types now way beyond the reach of most enthusiasts, accurate - and more affordable and useable - recreations of this racing legend, such as this Realm, make for great classic alternatives.



Built by Jaguar for just two years to help put this Coventry-based marque on the global map post-war (the Company having ‘re-branded’ from the previous pre-war ‘SS’ marque), a total of only 53 C-Types were made, with 43 of these being sold to private owners, mainly located in the USA. 

The Jaguar C-Type was purpose-built as a racing car, with the ‘C’ standing for ‘Competition’. The model used the 3.4-litre straight-six twin-cam engine and running gear of Jaguar’s contemporary road-proven XK120, with a lightweight tubular frame and wind-cheating aerodynamic aluminium bodywork, designed by Malcolm Sayer, the subsequent creator of the celebrated E-Type.

Designed specifically for competition use, with Jaguar’s sights set firmly on taking victory at the prestigious Le Mans 24-Hours race, the C-Type was instantly successful, taking the chequered flag at its first attempt at Le Mans in 1951, and going to repeat this success again in 1953. The C-Type set the scene for Jaguar to take further Le Mans wins in 1955, 56 and 57 with the model’s successor, the slippery D-Type, also designed by Malcolm Sayer.

With original Factory-built C-Types now fetching many millions, the demand for convincing, accurate recreations of this legendary road-racing Jaguar from

enthusiasts the world-over is very strong, with these replicas now becoming highly-collectable and commanding high prices themselves.

The outstanding GRP-bodied C-Type recreation presented for sale here was built by the long-established and admired Realm Engineering, the specialist creators of many Jaguar recreations, including D-Types, XKSS and XJ13 replicas. Long-time Jaguar dealer, restorer, mechanic and renowned specialist Phil Cottrell worked closely with Realm Engineering to develop its C-type recreation, as presented here, with the Realm C-Types being widely regarded as among the most accurate and best quality of all C-Type replicas.

This convincing Jaguar replica is presented in outstanding condition, with the car’s previous owner – a loyal and enthusiastic Warren Classics customer – having this C-Type maintained to the very highest level by our team of highly-skilled and experienced in-house specialists. 

For the enthusiast without millions to spare, but still seeking an accurate and useable Jaguar C-Type recreation for high days and holidays - such as annual road trips to the Le Mans 24-Hours race or the bi-annual Le Mans Classic - this example will take some beating.