One of only 288 Aston Martin V8 Models built over a very short 14-month production run at newport pagnell between 1972-73, this exceptional concours GT is arguably the finest example currently available anywhere in the world.

This early Aston Martin V8 developed 320 bhp from its pre-emission legislation Bosch fuel injection system, and has covered less than 100 miles since a total engine rebuild. 

Any discerning classic Aston Martin enthusiast currently searching for a perfect early V8 coupe for sale will struggle to find better than this exceptional example, which comes with a comprehensive documentation folder, including the car’s original bill of sale, plus a full restoration dossier, included a detailed photographic record of the Aston Martin’s pains-taking three-year restoration.


Aston Martin had lacked an eight-cylinder model for years, putting the marque at a disadvantage against many of its prestigious Italian and fellow-British competitors. To address this, and satisfy the growing demand from its loyal client base, Aston Martin designed a larger model – the DBS – although the new V8 engine planned for the car was not ready for the new Aston’s 1967 launch.  

Newport Pagnell released the DBS anyway, initially just with the straight-six Vantage engine from the existing DB6. Two years on, the Tadek Marek-designed V8 was ready, and Aston Martin released the DBS V8. In 1972 the DBS V8 was restyled, improved and called simply the Aston Martin V8, as presented here. These 288 V8 models later became known as the AM V8, a model retroactively referred to as the Series 2 V8 to separate them from later revised models.


The 288 Aston Martin V8 ‘Series 2’ models, produced from May 1972 through July 1973, as offered for sale here, used a similar engine to the DBS V8, albeit with Bosch fuel injection rather than the earlier troublesome carburetors. 

Production of subsequent Series 3 V8s lasted from 1973 through to October 1978, with just 967 examples were produced in this time. While earlier V8 cars such as this example have louvers cut into the little panel mounted beneath the rear windscreen, the Series 3 and later cars instead have a small lip at the bottom of this panel, just ahead of the leading edge of the boot lid. The V8 became Aston Martin’s ‘mainstream’ car for nearly two decades, retiring in favour of the new Virage in 1989.


And Another Thing
The epitome of a stylish, relaxing yet exciting British GT for the discerning motorist, the Aston Martin V8 has long been the favoured choice of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, with Prince Charles owning a number of these refined, hand-made – and now iconic – British grand tourers.

Admired the world over for its uniquely-British reserved style and grace, the Aston Martin V8 was designed by the talented English automotive stylist William Towns, the creator of the famous gas turbine Rover-BRM prototype that won its ‘experimental’ class at the Le Mans 24 hours race in the early-1960s.

Purposeful, powerful and elegant, the early, improved ‘single head light’ 1972 Aston Martin V8, as offered for sale here, is regarded by many of the Newport Pagnell marque’s aficionados as the finest and purest of all of the Towns-designed V8 models, with a simplicity lacking in the earlier quad-lamp DBS V8 model, with more refined features than the later Series 3 V8s. 


The perfect example of this perfect British classic GT.