All of Warren Classics Portfolio (WCP) services and expertise are contained in-house to enable WCP to guarantee that the best skilled craftsman are working with the best materials to deliver truly stunning classic car restorations and modifications, up to the very highest concours standards.



Each car is only as good as the engine that powers it. To fully and carefully restore a classic car, WCP uses its own team of highly-skilled expert craftsmen to reconstruct each car’s engine as its designer originally intended. WCP match the original specifications of the engine and drivetrain so that the car feels just like it did when it was new and first pulled out the showroom. WCP’s experts are also able to give advice, and undertake vehicle modifications and upgrades, both for road and fast track use.


WCP understands the importance of regular maintenance for your vehicle, be it a classic, sports car, or even a modern supercar. With a wealth of in-house experience and expertise in the servicing and repair of classic cars, WCP uses the very latest state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for fault finding, to ensure that your motorised pride and joy will run at optimal and reliable capacity, whilst retaining its unique charm and personality.


As an essential part of classic car motoring, it is imperative that the vehicle’s electrical systems, components and wiring looms are all in peak condition. With decades of in-house experience, WCP can fault-find, repair and even reconstruct and replace the car’s electrical system, as and where needed. So, whether it’s a small fault, or part of a fuller restoration, WCP can undertake electrical work in-house to the very highest standards.


WCP provides a full in-house upholstery coachtrimming service, whether your treasured classic car needs a full interior re-trim, or some small invisible tear repairs. WCP can return your interior back to its original condition, fully recreating the look and feel of your classic car, down to the last detail. WCP can also make bespoke interior trim alterations and modifications, with a multitude of colour and style options available.


WCP’s in-house metalwork is of the highest quality standards. WCP aims to retain all the original panels where possible. If this is not possible, however, WCP can produce exact replicas using quality sheet metal. These are rolled in-house by WCP’s expert craftsmen to a precise and exacting standard, appearing as if they are from the original car.


WCP uses sandblasting as a way to safely remove paint and corrosion from your classic car. Using the latest technology, this expert process is very effective, enabling WCP to restore your car to a standard exactly as it was originally intended.


A total classic car restoration is often achieved by separating the vehicle’s body from the chassis. This enables WCP to ensure absolute perfection. The chassis itself is traditionally stripped back, using a variety of proven techniques in-house, including sand blasting. Once stripped and free of corrosion, coatings are applied to the chassis to ensure protection and longevity. The adjoining components are replaced or restored, including all nuts and bolts. This detailed and labour-intensive chassis work is essential to achieve the world-class concurs finish for which WCP is renowned.


WCP takes great pride in its excellent, award-winning paintwork finish to concours standards to complete the all-important look and finish of your classic car. WCP uses only the highest-quality techniques, thoroughly perfected with WCP’s highly experienced and skilled staff, ensuring the best quality products and practices at all times. Whether it’s a complete body shell restoration, a colour change or body repairs, WCP can accommodate your needs to an impeccable standard with phenomenal results.


For all their style, character and charm, classic cars do not always enjoy the reliability, convenience and comforts of modern cars and today’s demanding traffic and roads. WCP can provide improvements and modifications throughout any classic car, whilst retaining the vehicle’s original feeling and authentic appearance.  WCP’s classic car modernisation programme can include modern ignition, brakes and suspension to refine safety, reliability, comfort and every-day usability.